Welcome, movie lovers!

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I am an actor best known for the role of Patrice McDowell in Coming to America. Welcome to my site. It is a site for movie lovers around the world to share your thoughts in the comments sections and to purchase movies.  I look forward to your thoughts about the movies that you enjoy and are entertained by globally!

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Allison Dean

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29 thoughts on “Welcome, movie lovers!”

  1. I absolutely loved your role in “Coming to America”. It’s never a dull moment, no matter how many times I replay the movie.

    1. Hi Allison I want to take the time out to say I really enjoy your part in coming to America and I would like to know when will you be featured in another movie hopefully soon

      1. Hi, Lee. Welcome! Thank you. I’m working on it. In the meantime please feel free to look around and share your thoughts about movies you like to go see.

  2. I came across your site through a FB referral. I’ll echo the above comment about your role in “Coming to America” and do it one better by saying I thought your were the more prettier choice over your movie sister Shari Headly.

    Good luck with your movie site and I’ll definitely try to frequent the site as a fellow film lover.

  3. movies represent the ideal perception of life through that person’s eyes with silent judgement an opinion and emulation

  4. Well.
    I think you r a beautiful actor
    but still I can’t seen yours movie.
    hope to see early.
    And good wishes.
    from my side always.

  5. Wow, I have some many movies I love. Imitation of Life, Mother Dearest, Dairy of A Mad Black Woman, Annie, Bell and The Beast, the list goes on and on, And Coming To America of course!!, I just seen Coming To America 2 days ago sitting in my hotel room in Huntsville Alabama!

    1. Thank you, Irish, for sharing your thoughts about your favorite films. Welcome! Please take a look around at the other posts and feel free to post more if you like.

      Yes, Coming to America is on TV a lot. 🙂

  6. Hi Allison! Great to see you online. Loved you in Coming To America! Great cast! Beautiful Black Folk! Wonderful story concept! I also saw you in another movie where you worked in corporate America, I kept looking at you and saying I know that actress it has to be Allison! lol! Really good to see you doing your art! As artist it’s just in the soul. I am an actor on my grind in NYC. I’ve done more theater and touring than film. Happy New Year! Peace Love & Light.

    1. Hello, Rasheeda! Welcome! Thank you. What movie was I working in corporate America? lol. Good luck in your acting endeavors! Hope you share your thoughts about your favorite movies here.

  7. Thank you and welcome to AIFF (hyyp://www.AIFFest.org) and I looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the Academic Awards of 2016.

    1. Welcome, Alberto, to you and your illustrious panel of jurors. I look forward to their contributions to my movie lovers blog. Have a great festival this year!

  8. Hey Allison, A.K.A ~ Patrice McDowell :-), love your new site!! Love to check out new movies on here. Coming to America is one of my favorite films, as well as all the other Eddie Murphy movies. When does that new Ironman come out?

  9. Hi, Scott!
    Welcome! Thank you! Great to hear. I appreciate that! I posted a response to your great question in the Marvel’s New Ironman post.

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