Happy Mother’s Day


A few movies to celebrate the power of mothers and their awesome love.

Claudine- Diahann Carroll
The Sound of Music- Julie Andrews
Terms of Endearment- Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger
Rabbit-Proof Fence – Everlyn Sampi and Tianna Sansbury

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. I’d thought I’d offer up some belated suggestions to add to your own great choices.

    A Raisin In The Sun (Claudia McNeil): A great ensemble cast headed up by McNeil as the matriarchal figure that firmly provides a strong foundation that keeps the family true to themselves despite the hardships that they face.

    Losing Isaiah (Halle Berry; Jessica Lange): Both give great performances as mothers trying to prove their personal rights to care for a son; one who has given birth to him and the other who adopts him.

    Secrets and Lies (Brenda Blethyn, Marie Jean Baptiste): Not exactly a prime example of great motherhood, but the film is still a great examination of family dynamics. Blethyn and Baptiste anchor this movie with their relationship of a mother who discovers the daughter she gave up for adoption.

    And being a guy, I can’t ignore those moms who know how to kick butt.

    Gloria (Gena Rowlands): A gangster’s girlfriend takes in an orphaned boy while taking on the mob to protect him. John Cassavetes knew how to direct his wife well.

    Long Kiss Goodnight (Geena Davis) Stay at home mom discovers her past as a lethal assassin. She decides to stay and protect her family, especially her daughter, when the bad guys come to take her out. Renny Harlin knew how to direct his then wife well.

    Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Linda Hamilton); Sarah Connor trains her son to be the future savior of the human race and does everything she can to ensure he stays protected. James Cameron knew how to direct his then wife well. (I’m sensing a pattern here.)

    And finally. one I’m sure you’ll appreciate:

    Aliens (Sigourney Weaver): Ripley goes full on maternal in her care for Newt, the only survivor of LV-426. “Get away from her you bitch!” indeed. And when Newt says near the end “Mommy” to Ripley, it always brings a tear to my eye, 😉

  2. I haven’t seen A Raisin in the Sun with Claudia McNeil. Thanks for sharing that one, Luis!

    Yeah Terminator 2 definitely is a great mommy movie!
    I was going to put that one but since I mentioned it in a previous post I didn’t. Great choice! Terminator is as well, of course.

    They’re all great choices.

    I’m with you about tearing up when Newt calls Ripley “Mommy!” Gah! LOL!

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