Spoke with a young man about Fruitvale Station

imagesThis movie made him cry. I was also moved to tears by this film.

I love dramas, all kinds, biopics included.

Here are some biopics I liked:

What’s Love Got to Do with It

Lady Sings the Blues

Boys Don’t Cry


2 thoughts on “Spoke with a young man about Fruitvale Station”

  1. Haven’t seen Fruitvale Station yet.

    I love ‘What Love Got to Do With It” and “Lady Sings The Blues”, but I’m probably more a fan of Tina Turner and Angela Bassett, so you’ll know which my favorite is of those two films.

    Some other biopics I like are:

    Amadeus: I know it’s old school (really old school!), but the relationship between one composer (his humility and his jealousness) towards the other composer (obnoxious but extremely talented) is a fun dynamic to be seen played out.

    Malcom X: Spike Lee’s biopic is a beautiful recreation of the setting and time of Malcom X’s life. He really captured the hope and tragedy of his life, and Denzel Washington’s performance made it all more poignant.

    La Bamba: Concerning the day the music died, while I liked Gary Busey’s performance in “The Buddy Holly Story”, I was touched more by the story told of Ritchie Valens’ life. I think the relationships explored between Valens and his family (his mother, his brother), his girlfriend, and even his agent, all combined to express how great a loss was his life and how it impacted the ones who loved him.

    I’ve got a few others but this post will end up being bigger than the mini-essay it all ready is.

    Looking forward to more posts and prompts to share the love of film.

    1. Hi, Luis! Yes, Angela Basset was brilliant in What’s Love Got to Do wIth It! She had so many Oscar moments in that film, just brilliant!

      Amadeus is a great movie, with great performances!

      I enjoyed Malcom X and La Bamba as well. There were also really good performances in those films. Denzel was great as Malcolm X.

      Feel free to post as much as you’d like, Luis.

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