I saw Spy and it was LOL funny!

Melissa McCarthy did a bang up job.


She is such a good actress and comedian. She handles both comedy and drama so well.

The movie was funny, raunchy, action packed, gender astute and showcased women as three dimensional, varied human beings. All of the supporting characters were funny and great as well. Jude Law, 50 Cent and Allison Janney were also in it.

I want to see it again and I also hope there is a sequel.

One thought on “I saw Spy and it was LOL funny!”

  1. I haven’t jumped on the Melissa McCarthy bandwagon yet. I wasn’t a big fan of Bridesmaids, so guessing the implication that she performs other characters just as crass in others films she’s in (Identity Thief, The Heat) hasn’t pulled me in yet. But Spy has got an incredibly high rating from many critics (yourself included) makes me think I’ll give this movie a chance viewing. Plus I really like Allison Janey. She really does comedy with a wicked twist. Thanks for the review.

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