Happy Father’s Day


A few movies to celebrate wonderful fathers and their inspiring love.

A Warm December- I LOVE this movie. It stars Sidney Poitier, Ester Anderson and Yvette Curtis. He is a doctor and father of a young girl. They visit London, England for dirt bike racing and meet a beautiful, elusive stranger who will impact them greatly. It is a beautiful movie that he directed and it is one of my favorite movies ever and definitely my favorite Sidney Poitier movie!

The Lion King – This movie was suggested by a fellow movie lover; thank you, John. It is a classic I know but I have not seen it myself. I am a Lion too so I must see this one.

Jaws II- This iconic summer, horror thriller stars Roy Scheider and Lorraine Gary. Police Chief Martin Brody once again goes to great lengths to protect the citizens of Amity, including his son Sean.

The Day After Tomorrow – This action/adventure is awesome. It stars Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal and Glenn Plummer, who I worked with in another action/adventure Speed II. Quaid plays Jack Hall, a paleoclimatologist who treks across America to save his son, Sam, from a seemingly impending Ice Age.

As someone who prefers warm climates the idea of freezing to death is… Well, let’s just say Caribbean anyone?

Feel free to add more suggestions in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Here are a few more suggestions:

    Finding Nemo- My favorite Pixar picture. Being a new dad when this came out, I was touched by a father clown fish’s willingness to go to personal extremes to find his son and finally learning to let go and let his son grow on his own. A fun and fantastic film.

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- A great action film with Indy constantly trying to prove himself to his dad. There’s a lot of fun friction between Ford and Connery as well as some emotionally tender ones as well.

    Boyz N The Hood- Laurence Fishburne delivers a strong performance as a father raising his son through adolescence in the volatile world of Crenshaw neighborhood of L.A. mired in gang violence.

    Life is Beautiful- An interesting, if somber, film about a father using his wit and comedy to shield his son from the atrocities of the concentration camp they are taken to. The film balances the father’s comedic attempts to protect his son’s innocence while not shying away from the horrors that happened.

    Extra credit- Best revelation of a father to his child:
    Empire Strikes Back: “I am your FATHER!”

  2. Happy Father’s Day, Luis!

    Thanks for your continued contributions.
    I have not seen Finding Nemo either.
    Hmm, there appears to be a theme going for me about this genre. Must watch more animation. lol

    As usual you thought of one I thought of as well and did not include, Boyz N the Hood!

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