Room and Spotlight

These two films tackle heavy subjects: kidnapping, rape, child molestation/abuse.
Obviously they are important films and it is encouraging to know there are filmmakers who have the courage and tenacity to get these types of difficult films made.

I had a hard time with the first act of Room and was grateful when the story progressed past it. That being said these types of films and story tellers are most interesting to me.

Although I love to laugh like the next person, the dark stories and the creative minds that make them are the most compelling to me. To be able to shine light on the darkness in the world is a gratifying experience as an actor and I think it’s safe to assume the actors in these films probably agree, especially since they are not easy to do.

Room stars Brie Larson and another one of my favorite powerhouse actors Joan Allen.

Spotlight stars Rachel McAdams of one of my faves, The Notebook, and John Slattery with whom I worked on Where’s Marlowe?

2 thoughts on “Room and Spotlight”

  1. I just watched the trailer for Room. It is very unsettling, especially the scene where the little girl is in the back of the pick up truck hidden in the roll of carpet. I always wondered how kids are prepared to play tense roles or in movies with tense subject matter. This one is on my list!

    1. Hey, Rod. Happy New Year. There is a blurb about just that on Room’s imdb page on under the “Did You Know/Trivia heading (scroll way down past the cast list) that you might find interesting.

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