Ok, I’m not a comic book fan although I did love The Dark Knight. That being said I loved this, the irreverence (reminds me of Spy starring Melissa McCarthy), the darkness, and the humor.

It is creative, unique, well written, laugh out loud funny and very violent.
I went curious to know what movie was making this much money and now I know why.
I remember dancing with Ryan Reynolds briefly (the brother has rhythm) at a party many moons ago. Kudos to him for getting it made.

I hope there’s a sequel and judging from the LAST moments of the film I would say there will be. 🙂

And how awesome that he has Leslie Uggams in it in addition to the Salt N Pepa aural enhancement.


Oh and it was my first IMAX screen experience. Awesome sauce! I love ’em big.

Deadpool is Now Available to Own at VUDU!

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