What would you like to see? – The Mountain Between Us

OMG. I didn’t know this was a love story. I don’t read reviews. I go see movies I want to see with people I want to see. Easy peasy.

So I thought The Mountain Between Us was an action story. Granted the title but still… So happy to find out it was a love story because I love love stories!

And ones with Idris? I mean, come on! I love Kate Winslet. She’s stars in one of my other favorite love stories, The Holiday, with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law. I love all her work.

I think she and Idris are good together and this is the most vulnerable I’ve seen Idris so thanks for that, Kate. I was engaged the entire movie and really enjoyed it. It was worth the price of admission simply to see Idris in blue. Sigh. And Idris in blue and the dog? Too much. Daydreamed all the way home…

The Mountain Between Us

Next I’d like to see:
Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

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