A Warm December for Summertime Love

is a beautiful love story starring Sidney Poitier and Esther Anderson. Yvette Curtis plays Poitier’s daughter. Poitier also directed this. Anderson won an NAACP Image Award for her performance.

It takes place in England and is one of my favorite movies. It has action, drama, thrills and of course romance.

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Cannes 2016 starts today!

Quel film va cartonner au Festival de Cannes?

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Captain Fantastic review by Nick Digilio

Being a huge Viggo Mortensen fan from A Perfect Murder I added this podcast. Viggo’s section starts at 18:30.

And (drum roll)…I, Daniel Blake, directed by British director Ken Loach, wins the Palme d’Or.

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Oscars 2016

Well, the verdict is in for this year’s tense close race for Best Picture.

Spotlight won Best Picture this awards season.

I’m happy it won. It’s an important film. I’ve watched it twice already. The most moving part for me is the final rolling credits. Astounding. Overwhelming. Heartbreaking.

Also glad Room got recognition.

Was looking for love for Carol and of course for my favorite movie last year, The Martian.

Here’s to next year…

Host Chris Rock was himself and that is what was most impressive. He had a difficult job.

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2016 BAFTA Nominations

images-12016 BAFTA Nominations

Carol leads the way along with Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. The Martian also received some more love here with noms for Ridley Scott and Matt Damon.

Any movie lovers from across the pond who’d like to weigh in on the nominations this year?